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“Brian Richey has a strong grasp of kinesiology and corrective exercise—he is an incredibly talented exercise professional. Back Exercise: Stabilize, Mobilize, and Reduce Pain should be on the shelf of anyone in the field.”

Scott Kahan, MD, MPH
Director of the National Center for Weight and Wellness.


Take control of your back health for the long term

Most people will experience back pain at some point in their lives, but only a few have the resolve to seek answers and find relief. Back Exercise: Stabilize, Mobilize, and Reduce Pain explores the anatomy and movement of the spine and offers exercises that will help you move—and feel—better.

Back Exercise goes beyond exercise and rehabilitation to help you understand the why behind spinal conditions and back pain. Photos of unique clay models of the spine reveal each layer of the spinal anatomy so you can visualize the structure and uncover the sources of your pain...

Meet the author

Brian Richey


Brian Richey is a personal trainer, educator, and industry leader in the fields of medical exercise and corrective exercise. His unique approach to managing clients’ medical conditions through exercise has helped thousands move better, stand taller, and exercise without pain.

Brian earned his BS in kinesiology and exercise science from the University of Hawaii. He is a faculty educator and master instructor with Balanced Body. He has multiple certifications from the American Academy of Health, Fitness, and Rehabilitation Professionals: Medical Exercise Program Director, Medical Exercise Specialist, and Post Rehab Conditioning Specialist.

Brian brings his knowledge in medical exercise, corrective exercise, and integrated movement to the masses through lectures and workshops, both in person and online. He is based in Washington, D.C., where he proudly owns and operates Fit 4 Life DC.

If you need personal assistance with your exercises or you’d like to book an online or in studio appointment please email Brian at


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